The 11-emcee super group features Skanks, El Gee, Phenom, Shatike, P. General, Gangsta, Top Notch, and One Click Bang (G. Stats, Low Banga, and Big BizNess)


This super group has picked up where other big groups like Wu Tang Clan and Boot Camp Clik left off. Their release of their debut EP, On My Side, in 2013 set off a resurgence of fans' belief that Hip Hop, and more specifically New York Hip Hop, is still alive.


Building off the success of the Bankai Fam EP, their label Shinigamie Records, headed by French producer Kyo Itachi, have prepared the first solo releases from Bankai Fam members Skanks and G. Stats while at the same time gearing up for a full album by all 10 emcees. With heavy production Shinigamie's production team Jupiter A.K.A (Astronote, Kyo, Azaia), Bankai Fam puts real Hip Hop on the backs of its 11 Espada to carry it to the foundation that the culture was built on.